PTI the only national political movement of Pakistan today

PTI failed yet another propaganda of its opponents with its recent jam packed public gatherings in small towns of KPK to Sindh and Punjab.  Some media and pmln specifically always wanted to show that educated and urban people only vote for PTI. Although it’s a disgrace for them already for educated not voting for them. Try to take away the hope people have from PTI by declaring it an Urban only party which will never succeed in rural areas. And Imran Khan is proving them wrong well before the elections with massive public gatherings in towns like Kot Adu, Obaro, Khanewal, and many others.

Four historic public gatherings in Sindh showing the fall of PPP in its hometown

Specially the jalsas in Sindh surprised everyone even the PTI itself. The participation of the people was remarkable and a declaration of the end of Bhutto era in Sindh. Living without even the very basic necessities the people of Sindh needs Imran Khan more than ever before. The future with Zardari’s PPP is nothing but a disaster now.

After recent jalsas in small towns of Sindh and Punjab PTI appears to be more rural party than urban.


PTI today is the only national political front. People from all segments of our society, ethnic groups, religions and age groups are supporting Imran Khan for Change in Pakistan. People living in rural areas are the ones most affected with all sorts of crisis in Pakistan. From power shortages to health, education and economic situation, they are facing the worst case. It’s a complete revolt and we challenge everyone still not moved to step up for Pakistan that it’s our time for a revolution.

Imran Khan tweets about rural uprising after Taunsa Jalsa

God willing, Imran Khan is the one who is going to change Pakistan and now is the time. InshaAllah.