Overseas Pakistanis are equally important for all of us who are already settled here, overseas Pakistanis are no doubt settled there, but for sure their heartbeats for Pakistan, when we are in plight their heart feels for us, when Pakistan seems in a stable situation they cant wait to come over here for their family and friends, to celebrate any event in Pakistan, with their loved ones, it’s a saying, there is no happiness when you don’t share with loved ones, lets take elections for an example which was held in 2013, overseas Pakistanis came all they way to their motherland to vote for their selves not for their selves but for us as well, because they know how Pakistan is in danger under the PML-N shadow, they know how Imran Khan is sincere for Pakistan, they know that Imran Khan will not hurt Quaid e Azam soul, they surely see Quaid e Azam in him, not only they we as being PTI supporter see in him. I remember the day when the supreme court made a verdict on Nawaz Shareef dis qualification,overseas Pakistanis was in ultimate joy, celebrating their joy was only meant to be seen, it was like a Eid before Eid for all of us, the reason being in so much happiness was they saw hope a raise of hope, that we will see a better Pakistan soon, I even know few people living in Australia they had a dinner party at their home called all the insafian to be in a part of this great defeat, this is only the beginning we have loads more to do to safe Pakistan. We shouldn’t forget our brother and sister living abroad they are assets for us they have equal rights to vote and giving funds to Pakistan. So I strongly demand to allow overseas voting system as well.

Recently, In September a very respectful and intellectual spokes person of PTI non other than Fawad Chaudhry took the lead and decided to go to London (not to keep an on eye on Nawaz Shareef) for fundraising campaign to support Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in NA120. And  make them well aware about PTI and PAK politics to the concern people living in the UK.

He was truly and dearly welcomed by the people there, because UK is filled with people who are genuinely in love with Imran Khan, as Fawad Chaudhry was the best choice as being a representator of PTI, as being a PTI supporter living anywhere appreciate his great knowledge and intelligence Fawad Chaudhry has answered very smartly and thoughtfully to the media. He is no doubt covering all the events as he promised, the pictures truly depicts that the UK showered love for Imran Khan and Fawad Chaudhry.