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1909, 2017

Evidence of PMLN injecting fake voters in NA120

PTI complained for 30k missing votes in NA120 but authorities did not take any action for it. These voters were added to different families and no one knows who they are. Watch out what this guy has to tell us about unidentified family members.

1909, 2017

Imran Khan’s first interview after NA120 by-election

Imran Khan never gives up and you will see his commitment and determination after watching this interview

1809, 2017

The battle will continue

The battle is not over yet, says Dr. Yasmin who dragged N league out of their palaces to the streets of NA120. N had to use all the support of ECP to save themselves from a humiliating defeat in the public polls. After Panama defeat it was very critical for them to win the seat they secured with 40k votes lead in 2013. So they rewarded people in the name of development funds, moved PTI voters our of the constituency, brought in new unverified voters, threatened people of the area and more. Despite many PTI complains ECP did not cooperate on the 30k unverified votes and the issue is still pending. I will take ECP to the court, says Dr. Yasmin [...]

1609, 2017

All doors closed to escape accountability – Supreme Court rejects all review petitions by Sharif family

Sharifs decided to appeal  in supreme court to take the decision back and, guess what? They said, he will remain disqualified, they have been hiding their assets from them and misleading them, this case made Nawaz Shareef to get into trouble more, they wanted the spilled milk back into the box again but guess what the spilled milk cant get back into the box again, so the supreme court decided to take this matter in details for that they called Maryam, Hassan , Hussain and Nawaz Shareef has been called to appeal in court to clarify their flag ship investment case in UK on 18th Sept, but according to them they have no assets in UK neither in Pakistan, it is [...]

1509, 2017

The battle of NA120 – where do you stand?

We ask this question to all Pakistanis - where do you stand in this battle between the corrupt and the patriots?

1409, 2017

Dr. Tahir ul Qadari makes big announcement after meeting with Imran Khan

Imran Khan met with Dr. Qadri today at his residence and discussed the current political situation of Pakistan and the upcoming by-election in NA120. After the meeting Dr. Qadri announced his complete support to PTI candidate Dr. Yasmin Rashid for NA120 by-elections. Watch the press conference of Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri after the meeting.

1309, 2017

Overseas Pakistanis stand for #PTI in #NA120

Overseas Pakistanis are equally important for all of us who are already settled here, overseas Pakistanis are no doubt settled there, but for sure their heartbeats for Pakistan, when we are in plight their heart feels for us, when Pakistan seems in a stable situation they cant wait to come over here for their family and friends, to celebrate any event in Pakistan, with their loved ones, it’s a saying, there is no happiness when you don’t share with loved ones, lets take elections for an example which was held in 2013, overseas Pakistanis came all they way to their motherland to vote for their selves not for their selves but for us as well, because they know how Pakistan is [...]

1109, 2017

Pmln workers Chanting “Chor Aya Chor Aya” on Mariam’s arrival in NA120 for campaigning

You can imagine the popularity of PMLN from this video that their own workers are chanting slogans against the party. Sharif family's corruption is not hidden anymore and exposed to everyone. No one trust them and it appears they are going to lose in NA120 miserably.

1109, 2017

Thousands protested on the streets of London outside the embassy of Myanmar

Thousands protested on the streets of London outside Burma embassy against the genocide of Rohingyas Msulims. It was a very large gathering of Muslims and Non-Muslims belonging to different nations. A large number of Pakistanis, including journalists, and PTI workers also participated in the protest.

1109, 2017

Find out how Blue Whale game manipulates its users

the game is a scam and when we install a game or an application on our smart phone we give the game access to our data, SMS, and other social media applications. Using that access the administrators hiding behind the game sneak into your private life and that's how they start to engage you and blackmail you. So the conclusion is to never install doubtful applications and use only authenticated apps having a good reputation. We have also heard about other games and mobile apps being used to spy its users. So be careful what you are installing on your smart phone.

1109, 2017

Another big problem for Kalsoom Nawaz in NA120

Lahore high court approves applications challenging Kalsoom Nawaz nomination papers are approved today for hearing. This could lead to a disqualification of Kalsoom Nawaz who have not declared her truthful assets in the nomination papers and also no information on Iqama she has.

1109, 2017

Where exactly Jamat-e-Islami stand in NA120 – Irfan Jilani asks some difficult questions to JI

Jamat-e-Islami behavior is a growing concern among many Insafians. Although PTI gave them more space than they deserved by still whenever it comes to any critical time to support PTI against the corruption leagues, Jamat directly or indirectly supporters the ruling elite. Their statements and actions don't match. Watchout what Irfan Jilani a PTI Leader from Sindh has to say about it.

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