PTI preparations for Azadi March are now getting a similar momentum as it was before the general elections of 2013. Party leadership including Imran Khan while addressing party workers recently have disclosed that this is not a standard public procession but its the ultimate protest which will be a sit in until the nation gets justice.

PMLN leadership is on the run and they are unable to answer any of the questions and instead acting weirdly. Nawaz Sharif is gone to Saudia along with family members for a long holiday, leaving the nation behind in serious crisis. At first they announced weeks long celebrations in Islamabad and wanted PTI to cancel its Azadi March. But after seeing the strong commitment of Imran Khan and the furious mood of the public, they announced to implement article 245 in Islamabad and handover Islamabad to Pakistan army for a period of three months. Soon after which we are hearing the news that army denied to accept this order. No matter what is the decision of the government, it appears the Azadi March is now unstoppable, as the people think that its their right to protest against the ongoing injustice with everyone in Pakistan.

The way we are seeing the preparations going on in PTI, the power and security laps, non serious attitude of the government & failure to answer any questions, it appears that the Azadi March is going to wake up the whole nation. It is very possible that it will be a decisive moment for Pakistan to turn away from the corrupt and unjust governance system and hold the top most people responsible.

Dr. Shahid Masood tweet is also confirming the defeat of PMLN even before the Azadi March. They are defaulters and now they can not get away with this. Your PM might even refuse to come back from Jeddah.

The so called immature political leader Imran Khan is going to give a mature political defeat to PMLN on the 14th of August.

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PTI decides not to accept PML-N govt Article 245 calling the army in capital