ARY NEWS investigative program “Sar-e-Aaam” team sent illegal weapons and drugs from Karachi to Lahore. Railway officers knew the contents of the consignment and took the bribe to send the package from Karachi to Lahore. Later when ARY NEWS team exposed this story, an FIR was launched against ARY TEAM for conspiracy and fraud.

This incident has exposed the morality and honesty of the government officials who are using government resources to supply illegal weapons and drugs. This is an alarming situation and a fact that the government is not sincere with the people of Pakistan. In fact they can put the lives of the people of Pakistan in danger just to earn some money.

Instead of resigning the railway minster Khawaja Saad Rafique, who is blamed for election rigging as well, is threatening ARY officials for swear results for showing the reality to the people of Pakistan. Saad Rafique who was already questioned for getting into parliament by rigging the elections, now has totally lost any moral authority to continue his job as railway minister.

We appreciate Iqrar Ul Hassan senior journalist who conducted this program and is now facing serious threats from N league.