While Pmln fail to provide any logic to why overseas Pakistanis can not support a political party in Pakistan while the economy of the country depends on the remittances they send back home.  At the same time ruling party is filled with dual nationals and akama holders including the x PM Nawaz.

Nothing can deter the overseas Pakistanis to support Imran Khan standing for justice and accountability where are yearly budget is less than the estimated corruption in the government sector.  

Recently PTI LONDON Team Mobashar Saddique,  Abid Zaman, Riffat Mughal, Nasir Khan, Zainab Khan,  Rani Arif and friends built a membership drive campaign along with the expert team at iSupportPTI.com. special membership flyers were designed,  printed and distributed to the Pakistani community.

We thank all those who participated in this struggle to help fix our motherland.