Nawaz Sharif giving a statement against national interest is not something new. Nawaz as well as other leaders of pmln have accused own security agencies and army for giving a visa to Osama Bin Laden to Pakistan. Many a times they have accused Pakistan army which is in the modest of fighting a war against terrorism, have lost so any of our soldiers as well as civilians in this war.  Then the DAWN leaks is not forgotten. Everytime they get away with it just like that. But not anymore enough has been said and done against Pakistan. Justice must be served to the nation.

This should make everyone specially the pmln supporters realize that Mian Sahib is beyond a corrupt man. He can go to any extent for money and power. Is this not obvious?  What more one wants to see and know before making up his mind?


And we have a message for India as well from PTI supporters


Dear India, before you celebrate Nawaz Sharif’s statement, let us remind you that he’s been disqualified for being a liar.? Legally convicted liar.

We have gathered some reaction here:

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