Interior Sindh Preparing to Welcome Imran Khan Ever since Imran Khan announced his jalsa at Larkana on 21st November, we noticed that people from Sindh are placing orders for PTI products online at our webstore. These are common people who are preparing to welcome Imran Khan and participate in the PTI Jalsa. Hoping for a change in their lives and hoping to get freedom from the old corrupt political parties ruling Pakistan from decades. When we called a few of these customers we were glad to see they are excited to bring change in their area as well.

We specially called some of these customers and discussed the situation in their area. From the feedback we got from these clients, we are sure that PTI is going to break all records in larkana as well. PTI will be welcomed by the poor people suffering from many generations by the hands of corrupt politicians using the name of Bhutto.

This is not astonishing because Sindhi people are one of the most neglected ones in Pakistan. Despite being the hometown of Pakistan’s biggest party of the past. We are glad to see people preparing for Imran Khan’s Jalsa in Sindh. InshaAllah it will bring major change in the politics of Sindh & Pakistan.

Muharram ul haram should be a thoughtful month for the people of Sindh to realize the difference between Hussainiat and Yazeediat. Its enough to understand that Yazeed did not allow water for the holy family. Same like our cruel governments who do not even give clean drinking water to the people. Deprive the citizens of Pakistan of their basic rights.