Pir of Golra Sharif Jami Sahab forbids the followers of Golra Sharif to vote for PMLN

Imran Khan media talk outside Golra Sharif Shrine

Media report on the meeting of Imran Khan with Golra Sharif Pirs

The shrine of Golra Sharif is located in the heart of Islamabad and is famous for the Sufi Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah who was born in 1859. He played a very important role in the region and is known as the Mujadid of his time who came in and revived Islam to its original values. He was the one who led muslims of subcontinent against the Qadiani movement and protected Islam. He passed away in 1937 and is author to many famous books including Saif-e-Chistiyai, Tasfiah Mabain Sunni Wa Shi’ah, Fatawa-e-Mehria, and more…

Imran Khan at Golra Sharif on Khatm-e-Nabowat conference


The shrine of Golra sharif is the only one which is not in the control of Pakistan government like other big shrines of the country. Golra sharif is still managed by the lineage of Pir Mehr Ali Shah and a large number of people are devotees of the shrine. Pir Mehr Ali Shah played his role when the Muslims of subcontinent were going through dark times. It appears the history is going to repeat itself as once again the grandsons of Pir Mehr Ali Shah, and the son of famous Pir Naseer, Jami Sahab has announced full support of Imran Khan and has forbidden the followers of Golra Sharif sarkar to vote for PMLN mainly because of the issue of finality of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS).

Although mainstream media is silent about it and not much was written about it so far in the press. But this is a big development and it is going to make a strong impact in the coming elections for PTI. Pir of Golra Jami Sahab and Imran Khan Sahab came close after the issue of Finality of Prophet Muhammad (SWS) came up – as PMLN tried to change this. The protests started in Islamabad and later a conference was held at Golra Sharif Shrine on the finality of Prophet Muhamamd (SWS). Imran Khan was invited in this conference and he participated and assured the people that PTI will not tolerate anything against Islamic values and that the finality of Prophet Muhammad (SWS) is a matter larger than politics in Pakistan. Imran Khan also expressed that he had never experienced an Islamic event / seminar like this ever before in his life.

Today’s meeting between Imran Khan and the Pirs of Golra Sharif proves that the two are coming close together and in the coming elections the Sufi votes are going to go for PTI as well. Majority of these people had supported PMLN in the past. But after the events of the hanging of Mumtaz Qadri by PMLN gov and this horrific act to change the compulsion of finality of Prophet (SWS) these voters have changed sides and now are with PTI. Seems like everyone in Pakistan has seen the real face of Sharifs now.

PTI is a party which is representing people from all segments of our society, from all sectors, religions, and social classes.