We already knew that PMLN has no standards and morals in politics. All they know is to lie and fool the public. We expected already that they would attack SKMH at some point like they did in the past (1997) to stop Imran Khan from winning in the elections. But surprisingly they did it on the 1st of August, during the holy month of Ramadan. At a time when SKMH and Imran Khan reach out to the people of Pakistan and request for donations.

Khawaja Asif from PMLN in a press conference accused SKMH for misusing the Zakat funds of the hospital. Allegations included money laundering and using money for gambling. Later in the evening on same day Chairman PTI Imran Khan in a press conference from Islamabad denied the accusations.

Imran Khan Press Conference

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Public Reaction

People got furious on PMLN for accusing one of the best charity institutions of Pakistan. Public reaction was instant and people from all walks of life, even the people who are not supporting Imran Khan’s political party rejected PMLN accusations. In result, we experienced a flood of social media posts stating that they trust Imran Khan and SKMH. Mainstream media and the civil society altogether failed PMLN plan to defame Imran Khan and hurt SKMH. PMLN totally failed in their plans to hurt PTI by creating this issue, in fact it totally backfired and PMLN lost the little respect they had.

Public opinion was that the SKMH is a very successful charity hospital and it has been serving the people of Pakistan successfully. PMLN has no right to attack such a noble cause to support their dirty politics. People thought PMLN is trying to level accusations on Shareef family of money laundering by accusing Imran Khan of the same. But they are forgetting that its not PTI who has blamed them of money laundering, its almost everyone, even the international community including BBC made a film on Shareef family corruption and money laundering.

Five Hundred Percent Increase in the donations to SKMH.

Soon after the allegations people started to donate to SKMH in reaction. In result SKMH noticed an increase of five hundred percent in donations. Donors shared their receipts on the social media sites and urged others as well to donate to SKMH in order to reject PMLN claims of mishandling the donations.

A campaign to share Rs. 20 to SKMH by sending SMS to 7770 went viral on Facebook and Twitter. It looks PMLN dirty politics have given their party a big blow, they have destroyed their own party and it has done more damage than anything PTI would have done against them. More also this act proves that things have changed. Many people suggested Mian Sahab that this is not 1997, its 2012 and it’s not as easy as it was before to fool people with your dirty propagandas. It is obvious that PMLN is desperately trying to stop the momentum of PTI popularity in Punjab, after PMLN lost majority support in KPK and Balochistan.

Following are some of the images and videos which went viral in support of SKMH and Imran Khan.

Ubair Khan responds to Khawaja Asif

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A religious scholar gives his opinion on SKMH funds management

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You don't hurt Imran but Cancer Patients




PMLN is not stopping here. On the 2nd August Ch. Nisar of PMLN made more allegations on Imran Khan in a press conference. Blaming him of betting and not paying taxes etc. PMLN has started this whole front of baseless allegations and thinking this will help PMLN in next elections and will defame Imran Khan. But the reaction from public is opposite to what PMLN wanted and they will destroy their own party with such acts. As Imran Khan really has no comparison with Shareef brothers. Imran Khan has no commercial businesses, factories, etc and whatever he does in life, he do it on his own and for the people of Pakistan.