Pakistan always had some load shedding during summer season but not like we started to face since 2007, an average of 10 hours load shedding in cities and 18 hours in the rural areas. We just faced a nationwide blackout in Pakistan last night which went on for more than 8 hours. Its been more than 10 years now and we have not seen any improvement in the power crisis situation, in fact its getting worse with each passing day.


The two great champions of democracy PPPP and PMLN are ruling the country from last eight years and the nation watched their millions of dollars corruption scandals, commissions, self promotional projects like Laptops, Metro Bus, Benazir Income Support, etc. etc. but they never improved the situation of power in the country. Every time they vowed to do something, like building a power plant, it turned out to be another scam. Remember Nandipur power plant. Building new plants is the second step, firstly they should make the existing power plants operational and produce maximum power from them.


Government sector and big industrialists sitting in the parliament are the biggest defaulters and do not pay electricity bills. While the nation is facing worst power crisis, we see streetlights on during day time in our streets. No body cares if people live or die in hospitals, children can study, or people can work in their offices or not.

All these corrupt politicians are interested in is making more money for themselves. They want to stay above the law, they have immunity. Scandals like memogate of Zardari and involvement of media houses with external forces to destabilize Pakistan are a clear proof and indication that our rulers do not want Pakistan to prosper.


Its not about line losses, power production, or anything else, the load shedding problem is because the rulers of Pakistan have no intentions to resolve it.