If you want to see your child protected focus on the don’t and do’s list


  1. Never send your child alone to market
  2. Never send your child to School/Tuition center unsupervised
  3. Never trust anyone with your child
  4. Never let your child use gadgets or watch TV unnecessarily
  5. Don’t make strangers friends on social media


  1. Watch your child behavior
  2. Make your child confident to scream for help and teach them self defense and martial arts
  3. Where ever you see this happen make an action immediately
  4. Teach your child the different between good touch , bad touch and social crimes in a friendly manner through different medium
  5. If child comes up to you regarding the child abuse trust your child and act smartly
  6. Make sure you council the victim
  7. If you feel any indecent act happening with your child react bravely

Countries where they run around the law & orders parents do take care of their child, Countries like where they “jungle law” we should be very careful with our child

As being a part of this society in our responsibility to spread awareness.

I did my part, did you?