Is this the way N league is promising another change?

Lahore: ISF workers were attacked by N League in Lahore Walton Road. The ambush was well planned and they were armed and carrying rods. Three ISF volunteers at the camp were injured and were taken to General Hospital. ISF students gathered at the hospital then waged a protest against the cowardly act of N League.

This is not the first of its kind incident in Lahore. A few days back fires were shot at one of PTI’s offices in Lahore city. PTI Youth Wing has also reported some incidents in which N league tried to stop them from campaigning in their area.

Such acts by N League is clearly exposing their idea of change, which has always been “Might is Right” and hence they are actually the part of the corrupt system in Pakistan ruling the poor people from many decades.

Protest at the same location Walton Road, Workshop Stop

ISF along with PTI officials, and PTI supporters will protest at 12:00 AM.