Press Release: PTIUK protests to save the Judiciary / Supreme Court from corrupt rulers

(London 05-05-12) More than 200 PTIUK members, followers, supporters turned up outside Pakistan High Commission to codemn Gillani’s contempt of court and insult to the Supreme Court. History repeats itself where PTIUK once again has come out to defend the judiciary and the Supreme Court. We stand united again with the people of Pakistan to support the decision of the Supreme Court and to implement the rule of law.

PTIUK demo led by Ms Rabia Zia and other team members from across the UK including Scotland, Bristol, Birmingham ie Wajid Abbasi, Rabia Zia, Ch Basharat, Dr Raana Dar, M A Raja, Ikhlaq Niazi, Burair Awan, Taimoor Abbasi, Akib Dar, Dr Barlas, Asif Mahmood, Usman Ghani, Sobia Zia, Rizwan Chand, Khalil Choudhary, Javaid Akeel Khan, Waqar Qureshi, M B Qasim. Khurram Naeem. Khalid Farooq etc, chanted slogans against Gillani and President Asif Zardari and the ruling elite.

PTIUK handed in a petition addressed to the government of Pakistan and Mr Wajid Shams ul Hassan demanding that Mr Gillani abide by the Supreme Court decision and respect the Judiciary.

We also strongly condemn the official trip that is being planned by Mr Gillani to visit UK officially as the Prime Minister of Pakistan when he is no longer accepted as the Prime Minister and wasting peoples tax money on these lavish trips when the people of Pakistan are suffering due to lack of basic health facilities, price hikes, energy crises and internal mafia stlye killings eg killings in Lyaari.

The Government instead of focusing on internal issues is bent on taking the Judiciary heads on however the people of Pakistan will not allow this to happen.

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