The Unleashed Power of Social Media

The exponential growth of the internet in Pakistan has brought about the rapid use of social media sites.  The youth of Pakistan, besides other things, have taken up to social media to express their political inclinations and to interact with fellow supporters and leaders of their and other political parties. This should be a positive aspect for Pakistanis and ideally, should result in a more democratic and tolerant political culture. However, reality is far from this ideal situation. In reality, we see supporters of political parties oppose and abuse each other vehemently and the others replying in the same vein. This is very disturbing to watch and it often seems like we are fighting or arguing with enemies of the country rather than fellow Pakistanis. There is also this tendency to write off a person as enemy of the country just because that person supports a certain political party. Sure, it is annoying when you try to point out to a person that their leader has a history of corruption and inefficiency but it is unfair to abuse that person just because his/her opinion differ from yours.

Every Action Has A Reaction

It has also been observed at social media sites, especially Twitter, that some journalists/analysts start after Imran Khan and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf by no provocation from either Imran Khan or his party. This really irritates and annoys his party’s supporters online and then they start responding emotionally to the journalists’ taunts. However, since most of PTI’s supporters are young (in their teens or twenties), they sometimes get a bit offensive towards the opposition. This is not to say that the opposition (to PTI) is not offensive and some of their tweets are shown below to show that they speak unprovoked against PTI and the only agenda of a few of them is to malign either Imran Khan or provoke his followers into abusing them.



It should also be taken into account that Internet is not controllable, everyone has his/her own free will to post whatever they want. However, our great leader Imran Khan has still been apologizing for the misconduct of some of his so-called supporters online, whereas, those leaders whose parties have committed the gravest crimes against people like attacking Supreme Court, ignoring the Supreme Court’s orders, etc. have never apologized!

The Reaction

But here we come to the point of PTI supporters abusing in response to Imran Khan’s opponents’ abusing. My request is that we should take our cue from Imran Khan as he is our leader and not his opponents. Have you ever seen Imran Khan or any leader of his party abusing anyone? No, right? So how can we not follow his example? If Imran Khan wanted his followers to abuse anyone, he would have said so a long time back but every time he addresses his supporters, he asks us to be polite and civil, so why should we give a bad name to his party by doing something he has asked us not to do? Secondly, PTI is the party which claims to bring change, so how can we claim to be different if we follow our opponents’ behavior of abusing and being rude? We have to show by example that we are different, more mature and democratic than other parties’ followers as our leader is different, more mature and more democratic than other parties’ leaders.

Best Things to do Online!

My advice to all fellow Insafians is that if you want to counter negative propaganda against Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, you can start writing blogs or articles about Imran Khan and PTI or contribute positively in any way you can, like make videos, wallpapers, songs, etc. about PTI. If you don’t have time or skills for that, you can simply browse the Internet and share anything you find useful for PTI and its supporters. But please, don’t go down the road of abusing opponents. It’s better not to waste your energy on negative people and instead focus on the positive people and activities of PTI. Let’s make a pact of ignoring anti PTI trolls completely, nothing will annoy them more!