Imran Khan made impossible possible again. Despite all the hurdles and challenges, the great Khan managed to conduct the party elections transparently and successfully. PTI today stands taller than all other political parties in Pakistan with more than 80 thousand elected PTI office bearers. Electing PTI representatives in all union councils to the party chairman. This is happening for the first time in Pakistan.

VIDEO: Imran Khan addressing PTI at Party Election Completion

It took PTI almost 11 months to conduct the intra party elections. Which included the party membership campaign to list and verify the members. Yesterday the last step of the election was completed and the national PTI team was elected including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, President, General Secretary, President Women Wing, President Youth Wing etc. Polling was conducted at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore where all the leadership, contestants, voters and supporters were present. It was a festive atmosphere, the crowd was charged and confident to sweep the coming elections. The amount of people who turned up during these elections is a clear indication of a big change coming ahead in Pakistan politics.

Imran Khan won the position of chairman unopposed, however this is not anything like what other family limited parties do. PTI conducted elections from grass root levels to the top level. At some positions candidates were elected unopposed. Imran Khan congratulated PTI for becoming the first truly democratic party in the country. He said on the 23rd everyone will find out that the people of Pakistan have decided to not vote for the same old corrupt parties. Imran Khan invited all present at the occasion to join him on the night of 22 March at Minar-e-Pakistan where they will celebrate party elections as well as getting a chance to bring change in the country and end the corrupt ways of governing Pakistan.

We are so glad & proud to have such a visionary leader. He could have worked without the party elections. But he did work in the democratic way and conducted party elections which he wanted to do 16 years ago but then he didn’t had that much public support. He is building PTI as an institution where merit and democracy will work. We support him and will surely vote him.

VIDEO: Insafians Celebrating Election Completion

Some Top Level Results

  • Chairman: Imran Khan unopposed
  • President: Javed Hashmi beats Omar Cheema by a long margin
  • Gen. Secretary: Parvez Khattak beats Dr. Arif Alvi. Respects for Dr. Arif, he went up on stage and hugged and congratulated Parvez Khattak.
  • President Women wing: Dr Munazza has done a upset by defeating Ayla Malik. (Previously Fauzia Kasoori was not allowed to contest on missing papers).
  • Dr. Humayun Mohmand elected as Secretary International Chapters.
  • Saifullah Niazi has become the first elected additional secretary general of PTI
  • Naz Baloch has been ELECTED as Central Vice president