Ever since 11 May 2014 PTI protest in Islamabad against general election rigging. PTI is protesting in front of Election Commission Islamabad every Friday. PTI protesters have been facing harsh reaction from the government as security personals try to stop PTI protesters to reach the Election Commission office every Friday but fail. This Friday PTI is protesting once again and we hope that Sharifs would be able to understand that they can not deny justice to the people of Pakistan. And the protests will continue and keep growing until the people involved in rigging elections are held accountable. Most importantly the election reforms are agreed to be implemented including biometric electronic voting.

So far Mr. Nawaz Sharif and all his ruling family are totally failing to even understand why the protests are going on. They are assuming the protests are against their schemes built on loaned money. However the protests right now are totally focused on the election rigging and reforms. Besides everyone knows that despite all their schemes the poverty is increasing, price hike is also continuing, law and order situation remains an issue, drones are back and what not.