Election Commission of Pakistan added a number of new symbols to be available in the coming elections 2013. Scales of Justice is among these new symbols which is likely to be awarded to PTI. PTI applied for this symbol in previous elections as well but it wasn’t awarded to PTI because of its connection with the courts of Pakistan. In the result PTI had to choose the cricket bat to be their election symbol in the elections they have had contested in the past.

It appears that because of the huge popularity of PTI in the general public, election commission is convinced to award the scales of justice to PTI. If that happens, it will be a very important and significant development for PTI. Since PTI is the only movement in Pakistan focused on Justice to be served equally to all citizens of Pakistan, it deserves to have scales of justice to be its election symbol.

Since the symbol is already added to the election commissions list of symbols available, and PTI is the only party which applied for it years ago, we think PTI will get it InshaAllah.