After Nawaz Sharif and his team was hit with shoes and inks by their own people and supporters who had no relation whatsoever with PTI. N league, as usual, is on the spree to balance the score by hitting Imran Khan with a shoe as well. But they are failing at it miserably, they couldn’t do it in Faisalabad and Gujrat. Nawaz Sharif who was hit with a shoe in a religious gathering by the very religious people for trying to remove the oath to the finality of Prophet Muhammad (SWS) which is a very sensitive matter and people are outraged over it.

Anyone who try to disgrace our leader Imran Khan will have to face PTI BAT FORCE

The PTI workers and supporters of Gujranwala who are to receive Imran Khan for a membership drive had formed a PTI BAT FORCE which will protect Imran Khan from any such incidents and have threatened to thrash anyone who would try it harm their leader with bats.