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As expected PTI held the biggest Jalsa ever in Abbottabad on the 8th of April. PTI Tsunami showed its full strength in the strong base of PMLN. Seems like old parties are history and people are looking at Imran Khan as the savior of the nation.

Imran Khan Full Speech

Imran Khan said that he will end cooperation with USA in the insane war from day one in the government. More also he promised the nation to change the corrupt system and implement reforms in all areas. He criticized Bilawal Zardari for becoming the chairperson of PPP without even having the ability to speak proper Urdu and understand the problems of the nation. He said PTI will put an end to the family politics by making PTI a fully democratic party in which the party leadership will be elected by the party members. And nobody will inherit party positions from their family members. It would be impossible for family parties to compete with PTI which will be governed by a democratic system and not Imran Khan or any other personalities. Imran Khan urged all PTI supporters to register with the party by sending an SMS to 80022 with their name & city, and step up to help bring the badly needed change in Pakistan.

The crowd was jubilant to have Imran Khan among them and the energy level was very high like in other PTI jalsas in Lahore, Karachi and Sialkot. Massive gathering proved that Tsunami is here to stay and will gain more momentum with the time. It won’t fade away as suspected by the mainstream media. Sadly almost all TV channels focused on Zardari trip to India and did not give significant coverage to the Jalsa. No doubt some people are trying to hide PTI Tsunami but its too big to be ignored and its getting ready to change Pakistan for good.

Azam Khan Swati Speech

Shah Mahmood Qureshi Speech

Baghi Speech

Abrar ul Haq Speech

Sher Bahadur Speech

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