Imran Khan speech part 2 and closing

Imran Khan Speech Live Stream

Karachi Jalsa Live Stream

Imran Khan on stage

Imran Khan arrives in Karachi

People are pouring in waiting for Kaptaan

A Poem: Jaag Karachi Jaag

Dua Bhutto Pre Jalsa Briefing

Imran Khan’s message for 12 May 2018 Karachi Jalsa

Anwar Maqsood Sahab invites Karachi to support PTI

Dr. Arif Alvi message about 12 May PTI Jalsa in Karachi

Khurram Zaman talking about the Jalsa arrangements

Ary Report on the preparations at Jalsagah

 Asad Umar message about PTI Jalsa 12 May 2018

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