The work done by Imran Khan’s KPK team in the education sector is remarkable. The province was torn apart by the war on terror where the schools were blown up by the terrorists. PTI started in very difficult situation and built the education system in KPK from the ground up.


It happened for the first time that any government sector was managed by professionals with a vision to educate masses for a better future of Pakistan. It is a big effort in the circumstances, quite extra ordinary that the KPK education took a complete U-Turn from disaster to glory. Since the conditions of government schools were so poor that those who could afford sent their children to private schools. Others were just getting poor quality of education or simply out of schools. More than a hundred thousand students from private schools moved to government schools after seeing the improvements by KPK government. PTI’s sitting MPA is now also sending his children to the government school and leading by his own example.


We must not forget the ZamungKor project which is for homeless children. Living on the streets in miserable and dangerous conditions risking their lives every day. KPK government changed these street children to state children. It is Pakistan’s first of its kind gov Institute.


PTI is educating the people of KPK to send their children to schools to provide them a level playing field in the future. Prepare them for the future.

Thank you PTI KPK & Imran Khan