Awais Younas x PTI President Lahore held a reception for Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi to honor him on his righteous stance on the Raymond Davis issue which ultimately resulted in his resignation from the designation of Foreign Minister of Pakistan. At this occasion senior PTI Leaders Walid Iqbal, Ejaz Ch, and Hamid Khan were present and addressed a large gathering of PTI Workers and Supporters from NA125. In the wake of Panama Case JIT report and the on-going PMLN attack on JIT PTI leaders warned PMLN of massive protests. PTI leaders assured they will protect supreme court of Pakistan at any cost.


We expect to see a lot of activity in NA125 Lahore as this constituency is famous for its massive protests at Lalik Chowk Lahore DHA. Banners are placed all over DHA Roads demanding Prime Minister’s immediate resignation in the wake of JIT report exposing Sharif family’s financial corruption and discrepancies.