Media Report on Walid Iqbal leaving from Lahore to visit Hamid’s Home in Lala Musa


Young boy Hamid aged only 12 was crushed by the motorcade of Nawaz Sharif on the 11th August and was buried in Lala Musa by the locals in the absence of any representative from PMLN who were responsible for his death and also the ruling party in Punjab and the center.

Only PTI leaders went to condole with his family. PTI Lahore head Walid Iqbal went to Lala Musa and met with the grieving family. Talking to the media Walid Iqbal condemned the brutality of Nawaz league who didn’t even stop to have a look at the poor boy they just crushed under their expensive cars.

“You can call him a martyr because he was innocent and was killed without a fault but the killers will remain killers.” In any civilized country, this is hit & run case with the victim left to be dead.


Walid Iqbal talking to media after meeting with Hamid’s family

Ch. Sarwar along with his team also reached Lala Musa to offer support in this difficult time for the victim’s family.