pti-manifestoPTI has announced its party manifesto for elections 2013. It was announced in a press conference held in Islamabad by the Chairman Imran Khan and other prominent party leadership. While the complete manifesto is available below, I would like to highlight briefly some key points of the manifesto and overall feedback and direction of it. Firstly PTI is continually making history and its manifesto is very different than other parties general slogans and false promises. Whole manifesto is based on the objectives of the party and explains various policies, and procedures which PTI will follow once it comes to the power. Its for the very first time in the history of Pakistan that any political party has revealed its detailed plans & policies even before coming into power. As generally what we see is that old parties just do false promises in the manifesto and after coming into power they don’t even follow it. PTI will do the biggest upset to status quo when it will implement its manifesto from the very first second of coming into power.

If you look into the manifesto details, you will notice that PTI has its clear policies on terrorism, corruption, international relations, education, health and more. Specially I can not skip the policy to conduct local government elections within 90 days of coming into power. No development funds for MNA/MPAs and all the development to be done by the local governments, like it should be done in democracy. No protocols for politicians, no free plots, no army of ministers and also merge multiple ministries under one.

All of this clearly indicates that Imran Khan does not only have passion and courage but he also has a plan and the youth of Pakistan are his power to get all this done. We congratulate the PTI team specially Jahangir Khan Tareen, Asad Umar, Malika Raza, Shafqat Mahmood, and everyone else who played a role to develop this manifesto to build NAYA PAKISTAN!

Complete PTI Manifesto

PTI Manifesto 2013