Imran Khan inaugurated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Media Cell, in Lahore House # 282, Street 6 – Cavalry Ground. Media people as well as PTI officials were present. Imran Khan addressed the gathering and answered journalists questions. Imran Khan said PTI Tech Team consists of volunteers and they are doing wonders for PTI on the internet and equipping the party with latest technology. While the ruling parties are stunned over our popularity and have hired people for “social media”. Imran was all set and ready to surf on the Tsunami on 23rd Friday in Sialkot.

After the question answers session, we saw the latest technology for audio/video connectivity between PTI offices. A live demonstration was made by connecting Lahore Media Cell with Karachi. With this technology, all PTI offices and media people in Pakistan and overseas will be able to connect together in real time with full audio/video support.

Enjoy the pictures while we upload the video clips of the event.