Imran Khan PTI held another lively public gathering in Karachi Nishtar park yesterday and called it Pakistan Zindabad Jalsa. PTI leadership along with the public expressed their love for Pakistan and vowed to take the movement for justice to its next phase to free Pakistan from the corrupt governance system. The jalsa was to address some serious issues of national security on the defense day of Pakistan 6th September.

Imran Khan Address at Pakistan Zindabad Jalsa



Although not many journalist and political specialist will recognize but Pakistan Tehreek Insaf is now the only national party. Widespread from Karachi to Kashmir fighting for safeguarding the national ideology and public welfare.

Imran Khan and other PTI leadership strongly condemned Altaf Hussain’s anti-Pakistan statements.

Most importantly Imran Khan said that he can not be scared with government misusing their powers and violating national laws. He then announced Raiwind March on the 23rd of the month of September. He said he will bring Nawaz Sharif under the law in any circumstances.

We think this can prove to be a turning point for Pakistan politics and the nation should unite for one agenda anti-corruption and accountability of the rulers. If we want to survive in future we must end large scale corruption from Pakistan.

Sheikh Rasheed Speech at Pakistan Zindabad Jalsa