PTI and ISF held a massive and loud protest in Lahore under the leadership of PTI President, Mr. Javaid Hashmi, also known as Baghi. The rally started from Mozang Chowk and ended at Wapda House Mall Road Lahore.

Speakers of the rally raised slogans against Nawaz Shareef and Zardari for fooling the nation and being partners in looting the country. People asked Zardari and Nawaz to leave government or fix the load shedding problem.

When the rally reached Mall Road, PMLN camp was there against load shedding. PTI workers shouted slogans against Nawaz and Nawaz supporters raised slogans but ultimately were silenced by PTI tigers.

I was wondering if Zardari will also protest in Islamabad against load shedding? It was funny to see PMLN having banners against load shedding, while they are a part of the government and have done nothing to eliminate or reduce crisis of the country.