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Congratulations Pakistan

Despite the security concerns and rainy weather, PTI held a massive rally in Quetta. The attendees included a large number of women and children. Although the Quetta Jalsa was very critical for Pakistan and Balochistan but the mainstream didn’t aired most of the happenings. This is another mistake the government is making, this is 21st century and mainstream media is not the only way for the information to travel. So they can’t hide the Tsunami anyway.

The people of Balochistan and Quetta have proved their support for Imran Khan’s PTI. Anyone can understand easily that there is just no other party who has public support today. PTI has public support from all over Pakistan, not from any specific area or community. We can proudly say that

PTI represents Pakistan

Imran Khan Before the Jalsa

Imran Khan Address at Quetta Jalsa


Shah Mahmood Quraishi Speech

Javed Hashmi (Baghi) Speech

Watch PTI Tsunami – Massive Crowd

ISF Balochistan President

See The Condition of the Jalsagah After Rain

Inqilab in Quetta

Jalsa Experience

PTI Quetta Jalsa Updates

-Despite the rainy weather, people are gathering at the Jalsa Gah even before the time.
-50,000 seating arrangment,If you’ve ever been to a PTIJalsa ,you can guess how massive it will be,inshAllah.
-After 1998 ,a jalsa by benazir bhutto,now after 14 years IMRAN KHAN is doing jalsa in our beautiful Balochistan Quetta.
– Rain started again causing disturbance in arrangements.
-Arrived at jalsa & it is emotionally overpowering to see all the people who have come to show support & unite together – truly Hum aik Hain! (IMRAN KHAN)
-Jalsa Update Even water is high in the ground, thousands of people are rushing in to adjust there (PTI Balochistan)
-PTI Team is working on live stream , disturbed due to rain…will be up soon inshAllah.
-More than 1,20,000 People are in Jalsa Place, Jalsa Gah is fully loaded with Crowd PTIBaluchistan
-Punjab and Balochistan has equal rights to live happy life (Ahsen Rasheed)
-Jalsa Gaa Fully packed people are in thousands out side of ground and the roads to jalsagha are completely blocked
-Fouzia Qusori: Balochistan Pakistan ki JAAN hy aur Imran Khan Pakistan ki Shaan hy
-11 Days in Quetta were very beautiful for me: Azam Sawati
-J. Wajihuddin: Today I came to know that how passionate people of Quetta are
-More than a 100 thousand people in the ground and thousands of people out side the ground
-Abrar ul Haq: People in Baluchistan are facing unemployment and injustice
-Qasim khan suri: PTI will give equal rights to all the living bodies in balochistan
-Qasim Khan Suri: Balochistan k Huqooq ki jang Tehreek e insaf Imran Khan k sang laregi

Images of PTI Jalsa in Quetta

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