We have been stressing for a strong party members system Where the members could connect and communicate with the party in an effective manner. A membership system which enables the members of the party to give their input from all constituencies.


We have been working on such a system which will list members on the basis of their constituency, age, profession, and city. This will enable pti to quickly reach out it’s members in any constituency and get their feedback on any issues.

Pti can get following benefits by having such a membership system

  • Get direct member feedback for candidate selection in all constituencies.
  • Send important updates to members based on area, location, age and profession.
  • Conduct polls and party elections.
  • Members can connect with other members in their area.
  • Prepare for election day in a much better way by knowing your members in all constituencies. Send them voting notifications and more.
  • Find volunteers whenever and wherever needed. Mobilize them.
  • And more…

We think party members are largely ignored and pti must build such a membership system which is powerful and enable members to act.

Our team is willing to design and build this membership system for PTI and We have named it MRM (Member Relationship Management) system. We believe with MRM system in place PTI can boost it’s performance in elections as well as party growth.

If you like our concept and don’t want PTI to delay on it. Please raise your voice and share this post with your friends and family. PTI should have built such a system in year 2012 and now we are in year 2015 and still there is no sign for such a system for party members.