PTI held another successful Jalsa in Sialkot yesterday at the Jinnah Stadium. The jalsa ground was jam-packed with more than a hundred thousand people who were energized to bring change in Pakistan in the coming general elections.

Imran Khan Speech (Full)

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The event started with speeches from youth wing and local PTI officals. Main speakers were Omer Farooq Mayer, Ibrar-ul-Haq, Arif Alvi, Javaid Hashmi, and chairman Imran Khan.

Some highlights of Imran Khan speech are described below:

  • Imran Khan promised that PTI will fulfill the dream of Iqbal to make Pakistan a great and prosperous nation. He said that he has been trained to compete and is not afraid to compete with anyone in politics.
  • He said that PTI has not been made or supported by General Kiyani or General Pasha and those saying that PTI tsunami is over after General Pasha left, can see the full force of the tsunami in Sialkot. In fact, the tsunami is stronger than ever and gaining momentum and its next stop will be Islamabad.
  • Imran Khan pointed out that although the whole of the railway system in Pakistan has collapsed, one train is going very smoothly, which is the Samjhota Express, in which Asif Zardari and Nawaz Shareef are travelling. He said that Zardari and Nawaz Shareef are both partners and brothers in crime and are enjoying a smooth ride at the expense of poor Pakistanis.
  • He said that PTI will be the first party to hold free and fair elections in the party and media will also be invited to witness the party elections to see how transparent they are.
  • Imran Khan said that PTI is facing a “Union of Political Crocodiles” but that PTI tsunami cannot be stopped by any crocodiles now. He further pointed out to Nawaz Shareef that PML (N) cannot buy youth through laptops.
  • He said that he used to select the best team as a cricketer and as a politician as well, he will select the best team to make Pakistan the country that Quaid-e-Azam wanted it to be.
  • Imran Khan promised that he will bring the local government system back to ensure that power is given to the common person and that no one in authority will be able to exploit the public. He said that all appointments will be on merit and education, health and justice will be within reach of everyone, no matter how poor.
  • He said that when he comes to power, he will not let Pakistan bow before any country and will protect the self-respect of all Pakistanis and will make Pakistan such a great nation that people from other countries will come here to look for employment.
  • He said that those accusing PTI of being supported by ISI are now facing charges of having taken money from ISI in Mehrangate. He said that the ISI should be called and asked who they are giving money to so that the matter is clarified once and for all.
  • Imran Khan reminded the public that he was the one to stand against General Musharraf in the dictator’s time and Asif Zardari and Nawaz Shareef were in foreign countries at that time.

PTI Tsunami showed up once again with Imran Khan. People were enthusiastic and passionate about being part of PTI tsunami of change and Imran will take this tsunami soon to Islamabad.

PTI Tsunami Pictures

More than 1,00,000 people in PTI Tsunami Sialkot

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