Hot debate is going on in PTI leadership as well as the members as if PTI should resign from the national assembly or not. The debate started after Sheikh Rashid announcing his resignation in the Lahore PAT protest and urging others to do the same to get rid of the PMLN.

We conducted a survey on Twitter and came to know that a majority of PTI supporters and members want the party to resign from the national assembly as it is ineffective for the people of Pakistan and only working to serve the interests of the corrupt leaders.

We think there is not much PTI can do from the forum of the parliament as the ruling party has made it completely a private club to work for their own personal benefits and not of the state. However, there is an opinion within PTI not to resign and keep struggling within and outside the parliament.

Although its pretty normal to have multiple opinions on any issue in a political party. The media is showing it as if the party is falling apart over the differences on resignation issue.