PTI trying to break Government and Opposition nexus by uniting all other opposition parties against the current opposition leader Khursheed Shah. It is important to have an unbiased and honest opposition leader in order for the appointment of most critical positions of NAB and ECP chairman.

PPPP and PMLN settlement is based on protecting each other’s vested interests and corruption. Since the leadership of both parties has cases in NAB, they are united to appoint spineless chairman for NAB and ECP to keep themselves safe from any accountability and secure the next elections with the help of ECP.

PPPP and PMLN are once again working together to appoint mutually beneficial NAB and ECP chairman, in order to stop them, PTI is trying to contact all other parties who are in opposition other than PPPP to unite and change the opposition leader.


Although MQM has a history of supporting the ruling party for their own benefits. But this is not about MQM, it’s about breaking PMLN and PPPP partnership in the parliament which is blocking the way of impartiality in government departments.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi & Farooq Sattar media talk after meeting


PTI is meeting with PMLQ and MQM in this regard and a meeting was held between Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Farooq Sattar and they agreed to struggle together for the change of opposition leader in the national assembly of Pakistan. If PTI succeeds, it will be a great achievement and milestone to improve Election Commission performance for the next elections by appointing a neutral and honest Chairman. Election reforms including the voting rights of overseas Pakistanis, biometric voting, and many other issues are still pending from four years in the PMLN government. Opposition leader Khursheed Shah can only issue a few statements now and then but he never practically opposed the ruling party. Obviously, we understand both have the common agenda to loot and fool the nation.

The Game of the Numbers for Opposition Leader