PTI tsunami struck Pindi with its full force yesterday. More than one hundred fifty thousand PTI supporters were present at Liaqat Bagh to meet their leader. ISPTI team witnessed the tsunami building up in Pindi. PTI supporters along with their local leaders joined in from almost all corners of Pakistan. Pindi PTI, ISF, Youth, & Women Wing welcomed Insafians warmly.

ISF tigers from all over Pakistan marched from Arid University Islamabad to Liaqatbagh, under the leadership of Farrukh Habib (President ISF Punjab) and Ch. Arsalan (President ISF Rawalpindi). ISF leadership from Lahore, Peshawar, Sindh, Faisalabad and other places joined in to form a march of hundreds and thousands of youngsters filled with passion for Pakistan. Mr. Rafi Khan (Advisor to Imran Khan on ISF) accompanied ISF throughout the march.

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PTI Youth Wing had organized a rally day before the Jalsa and were present again with a large number of youth on the motorcycles to join the Tsunami.

Liaqat Bagh failed to hold PTI Tsunami and thousands of PTI supporters couldn’t even enter the ground. Liaqat Road, Muree Road, and Golden College Roads were jam packed with PTI Tsunami. Tsunami within the Liaqat Bagh ground broke the fence and the area reserved for security was also occupied. Like previous jalsas no fence & force was able to stop the tsunami to get on the main stage. I don’t think any other party workers can get on the stage with their leaders in this fashion?

Tsunami mood was not too good for the ruling parties. Many a times PTI leadership asked tsunami if it’s ready to March towards Islamabad. The reply from tsunami was always a loud “YES!”. Tsunami was ready at that very moment to march towards Islamabad. Farrukh Habib from ISF wanted to march towards Islamabad right then and there.

After many speeches PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressed the gathering. Complete address video will be added to the page later. In short it looks like Imran Khan wants to fight this battle lawfully just like Quaid-e-Azam. Imran Khan wants to uphold the law and empower the independent justice system in Pakistan. As that is the only way to control corruption, have law and order in the country and progress. However Imran Khan warned both Zardari and Yousuf Raza of Tusnami march if they keep on failing to obey the laws. Imran Khan announced next Jalsa in Sindh, Sakhar.

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These PTI Jalsas are a great source of energy and passion. Most importantly, it displays unity among Pakistanis to save their country.

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Pindi Jalsa Pictures