Judges did a great job but may be its the corrupt system which is a problem in implementing laws on the powerful in Pakistan

Finally the long awaited verdict on Panama Case was announced yesterday. While the sharif family was not declared innocent and their Qatari Letter was also not accepted but Nawaz Sharif still is the PM Pakistan. PTI leadership including Imran Khan are satisfied with the court verdict and demanded the resignation of PM while the further investigations are carried on.

We speak for the PTI supporters, the common Pakistanis who were largely disappointed by the outcome which couldn’t give us any results. Media anchors have also raised fingers on various aspects of this decision and its outcome. Everyone is concerned if the accused in Panama Case are above the law? Almost all the media experts excluding people like Majeeb ur Rehman Shami and Javed Chaudhary, everyone was convinced that Sharif Family failed to show any legitimate money trail of any kind and Nawaz Sharif has lost all moral and legal grounds to rule Pakistan.

Some of our favorite media experts like Dr. Shahid Masood and respected Dr. Danish also showed discontent on the verdict and expressed that Supreme Court should have sacked Nawaz Sharif along with NAB, FBR chiefs. More also Dr. Shahid Masood stated that Nawaz Sharif received the verdict before the announcement and they somehow changed it.

Khan Sahab also today announced to resume the protests against Nawaz Sharif’s corruption and immediate resignation for a free & fair inquiry and decision. We know Imran Khan will never step back and will continue to struggle against the corruption mafia in Pakistan and we will support him.