Dead and forgotten issue of Raymond Davis is alive again after he published a book stating the whole story of his bloody visit to Pakistan. How Raymond Davis flee Pakistan? How the victims families were forced to accept the compensation money? Who paid the money? Who made the deal? You will get to know all about these questions in the following media we shortlisted for you.

Rauf Klasra explains Raymond Davis book

We don’t agree with the part Rauf Klasra said “Shah Mahmood wanted to become Bhutto but no body supported him.” I think its pretty simple to understand that Shah Mahmood gave his resignation over a simple and straight forward issue that Raymond Davis murdered Pakistanis in daylight and he was getting the diplomatic immunity to fly away free. Otherwise Kalsra sahab gave a good review of the whole story.


Why Shah Mahmood Qureshi resigned from Zardari government

Shah Mahmood Qureshi was foreign minister of Zardari government when Raymond Davis murdered two Pakistanis in cold blood. Shah Sahab tried his best for Pakistan and raised his voice for truth. But it was a matter decided in the ranks higher than his and ultimately this resulted in Shah Mahmood leaving PPPP and joining Imran Khan who is the true leader of Pakistan.


That’s why we love Imran Khan

Imran Khan press conference against the provincial gov of Punjab (Sharifs) and Central gov (Zardari) and the agencies for letting Raymond Davis go free. Even long before the Raymond Davis book Imran Khan exposed the truth behind the lies of the government.

This is not the first time our government has betrayed its own people in front of the external powers. This makes us love and follow Imran Khan who is teaching the nation self respect and standing up for its rights. The whole nation must think about changing the future of our next generations and end this modern day slavery.