PTI which stands for justice but criticize all projects of PMLN run gov in Punjab appears to be not doing justice. However to understand the mindset of Tehreek one needs to consider all aspects of governance in the given situation of crisis in the country. Youth is the major part of Tehreek and obviously who would not like activities for youth in a society filled with injustice and ciaos. In fact as per Tehreek’s vision for new Pakistan, we want a playground in every area. Youth is contained to have activities only when the CM provide it. The young blood needs it 365 days a year. Its their basic right to have access to healthy and creative activities. Right now their life is messed up with drugs provided by the gov’s very own people like Hanif Abbasi.

How should we see it at this time and the way N league is conducting it? We are facing serious inflation, power shortages, health emergency, law and order issues and if PTI would have been in power, its first priority would be to address the issues which are damaging the country. Later it should act on the issues which are related to growth and development. I think we need to stop the on going destruction before we start constructing.

N league which is also responsible for getting Zardari into President seat and have collated with him for over 3 years and then the friendly opposition and double cross, is only trying to fool youth with its gimmicks and show offs.

Lastly I would just like to thank CM for giving youth at least a few hours of relief and fun from the misery of their every day life. He knows deep down that youth see N league is part of the trouble in Pakistan and youth follows Imran Khan because he is against these old parties. So keep trying to bribe with a laptops and festivals and taxis – our vote is only & only for PTI in election 2013.