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Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Mr. Murad Saeed confirmed an increase of Rs. 6bn revenue in Pakistan Post within a year.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, our government departments are now moving forward. All our government sectors will soon become profitable organizations.

Murad Saeed said that post services will soon launch a project “Made in Pakistan Products” throughout the world.

The minister maintained that “I feel happy to see that Pakistan Post an important department of the country is flourishing”.

He said that if public departments face dawn fall then the money of public exchequers have to spent on such departments to bring them out from crises instead of investing in education or health sectors.

Earlier in Dec 2018, PTI has launched Pakistan Post Mobile App to meet the current technology era and for smooth operations of this department. Things are changed now, our Departments are now in control of Ministers. It is not like the previous government when their target was only “Corruption”. They promised timely deliveries of the parcels and guided staff to be professional and kind to customers.

The new service of Pakistan Post will enable customers to enjoy options like online shopping and cash on delivery.

Our objective is the provision of all facilities to Pakistanis at their doorstep in minimum rates.

He invited private sector courier companies for collaboration because Pakistan Post has access to all Pakistan.

He assured the best quality and encouraged that this our department we must support Pakistan Post by using its services. He promised more revolutionary changes in the future.

How Murad Saeed become youngest PTI MNA

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Murad Saeed is reviving people’s trust in the GPO services as they were becoming famous for not delivering the post to the recipients. If they continue like this they will give a tough time to private courier services charging hefty amounts for sending parcels in Pakistan and abroad. Keep it up Murad Saeed

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