Imran Khan speech in Parliament 8th September 2016

Chairman PTI Imran Khan addressed national assembly after speaker national assembly Ayaz Sadiq did not send references against Nawaz Sharif appearing name in Panama Papers. Yet sending references against Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen to election commission of Pakistan.

Imran Khan questioned Ayaz Sadiq’s decision to forward reference against Imran Khan as none of his assets were disclosed. In 2011 and 2012 he showed all his assets and the deed for selling the flat in UK which was by Niazi services. There were no other assets or business of Niazi services and the company was formed only to buy/sell the flat in UK.

Nawaz Sharif and his family always denied properties in UK and later their companies and assets in UK were disclosed in Panama Papers. By victimizing Imran Khan. The action of speaker national assembly Ayaz Sadiq has damaged parliament, the speaker is not impartial, government is blackmailing opposition, if I stay quiet on Sharif’s corruption I can do whatever I want, government is promoting corruption. I brought my wealth from UK to Pakistan, not the vice versa.

Pakistan’s future is at stake!

He further warned the parliamentarians of Pakistan’s future if we don’t bring the rulers under the law of the state. Altogether it was a great statesman’s speech and even his critics appreciated his boldness and honesty.

Media reaction on Imran Khan’s speech in the national assembly

Rauf Klasra and many other journalists appreciated Imran Khan’s speech in the national assembly