We have lost track of how many times PMLN has raised slogans of “Go Zardari Go” and accused Zardari of massive corruption. At the same time, PMLN comes to save Zardari’s government  everytime it is in danger. They are the ones responsible for making Zardari president of the country. And now Mian sab is saying “Come Zardari Come”.

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Imran Khan exposed this unity of opposition and Zardari gov as “Noora Kushti” (Fake Fight) and said that all ruling parties are united to save their corruption. Imran Khan challenged Status Quo in Sialkot Jalsa by saying that even if all parties unite against PTI, PTI will sweep elections, InshAllah!

Do share your understanding of PMLN policies and if they really think that all Pakistanis are fools?