Nawaz Sharif is fleeing Pakistan


Put Nawaz Sharif on ECL or he will become another Altaf Hussain. Once Nawaz is out of Pakistan he will not return and will go into self-exile. Sharifs have no legal money trail to acquire all the expensive properties and businesses all over the world. We agree to Talha’s analysis on BOL TV that Nawaz is unable to face legal procedures and he will prefer staying abroad than in Adyala Jail. If outside Pakistan he can be used by the enemies of Pakistan to create more problems for us like Altaf in UK.

Watch Faisal Javaid Khan speak for us at the end of the program and strongly condemn NAB for not taking any action so far against Sharifs fully exposed in massive corruption.

We demand Nawaz Sharif’s name to be added to ECL immediately and he should not be allowed to leave Pakistan in this situation.