Sheikh Rashid condemned PMLN government for Election Bill 2017 in the strongest words while addressing to the national assembly on 2nd October.

Shocking and very unexpected move from PMLN to remove Khatm-i-Naboowat clause
Ali Muhammad Khan of PTI condemning and vows to challenge this change

PMLN wants to make Pakistan Thailand which has nothing to do with Islam

The oath to accept Prophet Muhammad (SWS) as the final and last Prophet of Allah in the election process was removed from the election form. This move was made silently in the shadow of recent Elections Bill 2017 which allows a “disqualified” person to lead a political party. Some PMLN representatives are calling it a clerical staff mistake while others are completely denying of any such change in election forms. “Mistakes” are now a trademark for PMLN as we saw “Mistakes” in election process earlier as well. However old and new forms clearly show the oath is missing in it. We do not need to remind you how important it is for all Muslims the finality of Prophethood as there have been many false claims of prophethood in the past.

PMLN failed to secretly remove the compulsory condition to accept Prophet Muhammad (SWS) as seal to all Prophets

Many suspect it as a planned move to pave way for sects and groups who do not accept the finality of Prophet Muhammad SWS. PMLN is playing with the fire they can not handle and it will be a big mistake to not reinstate finality of Prophethood as a compulsion for all Muslims who want to participate in Pakistani politics. After serious reaction from media and Pakistanis across the world the government is issuing statements to reinstate it.

Ayaz Sadiq Speaker Ayaz Sadiq announces to rectify ‘clerical mistake’ in Khatm-i-Naboowat clause

The ‘clerical mistake’ has raised serious question marks on PMLN agenda for Pakistan
All religious parties and groups specially Maulana Fazul ur Rehman and others such as Siraj ul Haq now need to think carefully where they stand in Pakistan politics and why.

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