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The Sindhi Youth is Awaken

Aamir visiting government hospital in Sindh

Determined and activist youth has been awaken spreading messages of Imran Khan where ever they are. Talking about awareness in the hub of PPPP, going places where you can’t even think of, like where people have very limited source on helping on to open their minds. People are mostly inclined on giving votes to PPP is because of Benazir card and mostly are emotionally attached, not on the basis of any work being held there or has been any progressive work there for betterment of people living around, But encouraging them to vote for who thinks for better Pakistan is not an easy task which Aamir has done very well. Aamir is a great example for youngsters all over Pakistan who are eager to participate with Imran Khan but don’t know how to.

People of Sindh are ready for change – Bye bye Bhutto Zardari

Sindh youth spreading messages on behalf of PTI, they took the responsibility and goes on a mission with an energetic soul, urge of better Pakistan in their heart. Youth of Sindh has not lost hope and will on this never ending mission, which has been pretty successful.

It’s a saying you can’t change your own fate until and unless you want, the youth has been implementing on this stance very impressively. When you have a goal set on your mind the rest looks small to you all the challenges and criticism seems baseless. Recent PTI Jalsa in Sukkur proved that people of Sindh are also ready for change. If you are also doing some work for PTI anywhere in Pakistan or abroad, let us know and we will be happy to publish it.

    • Sana
    • September 7, 2017

    Great to see Sindh youth all geared up I am sure it will encourage everyone else

  1. Seeing what Aamir is doing is very encouraging. If all supporters get out there and talk to people. I am sure we will be able to make things happen very quickly. Your efforts are well appreciated here Aamir keep it up.

      • aamir
      • September 7, 2017

      Welocome bro now we want to change in sindhi

      • this is simple and effective… wherever you go you just take out some time and speak to people around them and spread awareness and encourage like-minded people to work for the change. many want to change but a few work for it.

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