forgotten-demandsIn the first mega PTI Jalsa in Lahore, back on 30th October 2011. The demand Imran Khan put forward was for all politicians to disclose their real assets. Imran Khan warned the politicians to disclose their assets or face nationwide protests and that PTI will block all major cities of Pakistan. Then time went on and on to the day that the elections were rigged to defeat PTI on 11th May 2013. And now PTI demands free & fair elections and also hold accountable those who rigged the elections. Its very clear that whoever rigged it, rigged it for Sharifs and Zardari. They are the ones having biggest bank accounts abroad.

We suggest that PTI must include this demand for all politicians to disclose their assets, bring back the looted money. Also the bank loan defaulters and those who don’t pay appropriate taxes must be kicked out of the assemblies.

One thing is very clear that the corrupt politicians are not going to act upon our demands and they will do everything to somehow bypass the demands and continue to do what they are good at. At this stage it would be interesting to see how Imran Khan’s PTI will force the status quo to give justice to the nation.

What are your thoughts on this and if you think this demand should be highlighted then share this article with others in PTI.