is the biggest political forum of Pakistan having more than 1.3 million facebook fans and over 200 thousand daily unique visitors, making it among top 10 most visited websites. One media house of Pakistan threatened to get the website closed if they don’t sell the website to them. As per our sources the media house offered 1 Million dollars and when refused they started to blackmail the website owner. Later some agencies also threatened the staff working on the website for serious consequences. However the website is an open public forum where anyone can go and post news updates and their opinion or feedback. Certainly the ruling elite and status quo forces were having problems by growing popularity of the forum and finally they have now blocked the website without providing any information to the website administrators. has been shut down by the Government of Pakistan. We were never warned or contacted regarding anything. We are looking further into how we will handle this. If any of you can give any advice, we’ll appreciate it. facebook status

Some even call a media cell of PTI but its a completely independent forum and its a fact that a big majority of educated class, the people online support PTI and may be thats why the ruling parties consider it a PTI forum.

We condemn this action to block the voice of the people of Pakistan and it clearly shows ruling elite is scared of the voices online and they are trying their best to shut them down.