Ever since the protests started against the government’s election rigging and the demand for the PM to resign and investigate the elections to hold the responsible accountable. Ruling party along with some journalists are continually calling these protests harmful for the economy of Pakistan. Instead of addressing the situation and conducting a transparent, free and fair investigations of general elections 2013, government is criticizing the protests and declaring them a hurdle in Pakistan’s progress. We admit that these surely are a hurdle in the progress of Sharif and Zardari families but they are for the best future of Pakistan. They are to change the ongoing corrupt government system which has destroyed the country already.

If you check corruption stats, failure of departments, energy crisis, health crisis, education crisis, law and order situation and all other issues we face as a nation. You will find out that dishonest, corrupt, and criminal governments are the main cause of getting Pakistan into all this mess. And now when the people are protesting against this corruption and crimes of the governments and they are demanding for accountability, the ruling elite and their loved ones are calling the protests anti-Pakistan.

We think its a shame for those so called political gurus and media anchors who are are trying to support the government by criticizing the protests for one reason or the other.