Stand united and say NO to groups within PTI – says Imran Khan

Leaders never make groups within the party - they work on their vision - Imran Khan politely discrediting all PTI groups and showing them the way of politics. It is for the PTI supporters and workers to understand that we don't have to follow or part of any group instead only work for the party under Imran Khan Leadership.

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The Sindhi Youth is Awaken

Determined and activist youth has been awaken spreading messages of Imran Khan where ever they, talking about awareness in the hub of PPP, going places where you can’t even think of, like where people have very limited source on helping on to open their minds. People are mostly inclined on giving votes to PPP is because of Benazir card and mostly are emotionally attached, not on the basis of any work being held there or has been any progressive work there for betterment of people living around, But encouraging them to vote for who thinks for better Pakistan is not an easy task which he has done very well

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Tribute to PTI Supporters

Families in Pakistan came out to protest and raise voice for their rights after a long time. It was the youth, professionals, families, and women who worked with Quaid-e-Azam in the historic political movement for Pakistan. And now after many decades families, women, youth, and people from all segments of our society are united on the platform of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the leadership of Imran Khan.

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