You can participate in any one or more departments of ISPTI mentioned below. Feel free to contact us and let us know about yourself.

Team Building

People having leadership abilities can join this team and work with the management to build teams.

Actors / Singers / Voice-overs

Our media and design team are always eager to produce more and more video content and are in the search for good actors and voice over talent

Public Relation

Are you good with communications? Reaching out to the people and deliver them the message change and justice in Pakistan. You should join this team and all you have to do is to spread the message on social media and other forums.


We need webmasters on the team who have some experience working with WordPress websites. The role of the webmaster will be to publish new stories regularly online. Need some technical knowledge on HTML to format pages on the website.

Content Development

We need content writers to write about latest news & updates regarding Pakistan political scene, especially Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. We will be sharing some topics here and inviting people to write about them. The content submitted will then be reviewed and published on our website.

Social Media Marketing

We need ISPTI representatives who can reach out to important social media groups, pages, people, and websites and ask them to display our graphics in order to show their support for PTI. ISPTI will provide you graphics & contents to represent ISPTI officially.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are required to create various images for PTI such as Facebook & Twitter display pictures. Creative messages need to be shared on social media and much more. You can view our current graphics section to have an understanding of what type of work we are doing.


We have produced different multimedia projects, including PTI Songs from Supporters, Videos, Video Messages, and TV Talk Show editing etc. If you are experienced in any of the above areas and can help in our upcoming projects, do contact us!

Online Promotions

This is something anyone can do. You simply have to share and help spread the news and updates on multiple social media pages, websites, blogs, etc. Join our team and get latest updates and discuss your plan of action.