Imran Khan is the man who never gives up!

Imran Khan is the man who is known now for not giving up, ever. Even after losing the 2013 elections, deprived of justice and fairplay, he still managed to bring the powerful ruler under the law. It was not an easy task, Imran Khan along with the workers had spent most of his time on the streets, seminars, and protests. The inquiries resulted in Panama Case investigations will prove to change the fate of Pakistan. Its impact will change the future and will change corruption for rulers from a normal routine to a serious crime.

The struggle is not over yet, it will continue unless we fulfil our dream of making Pakistan one of the world’s most powerful country. I look forward to the 29th April Minar-e-Pakistan jalsa. Khan Sahab has promised to share his vision for Naya Pakistan and how he will make it happen.