Season of political rallies has arrived. Same old parties, who had the honor to come to power and prove their corrupt selves, are once again making false promises to ‘save’ Pakistan. It is ironic how they are still trying to ‘save’ Pakistan even after they have been given so many trials and years of ruler ship. The only thing they did well in their tenure was stealing our money and making fortunes out of it.

The game of deception

History is repeating itself. The same old tricks are being played. The projection may have been slightly changed. But who is to be deceived again, the naïve public of Pakistan? Not anymore.

PPP has earlier been in power thrice. Under ZA Bhutto’s program of nationalization, Pakistan’s private industry and institutions suffered a serious setback. Entrepreneurs who had worked so hard to bring about a semblance of industrialization in the country were turned into non entities overnight. The slogan of ‘rotti, kapra and makan’ also failed to bring about any change for the masses except that favorite die hard PPP supporters were emboldened. The decision to denationalize was taken many years later when irreparable damage had been done. The subsequent two stints of Benazir also failed to deliver on the promises as they could not bring about any improvement in education, health, law and order and above all rule of law. Under the garb of finding solution for the looming energy crisis then, contracts were awarded to IPPs which lacked transparency and involved huge corruption. In fact corruption was so pervasive that both Benazir Governments were dismissed on charges of rampant corruption. However the present PPP Government has broken all records of corruption. They have been so emboldened by the lack of action by the friendly opposition that they think that it is of no use to waste time and energy to provide good governance to address the complex problems of the common man but it is better to skim off the national resources for personal benefit through all kinds of ingenious methods. Instead of formulating and implementing policies to address various crises facing the country like energy, health, education, national harmony, rule of law etc they have concentrated their full energies on mega corruption by initiating projects like Rental Power Plants, appointing incompetent and favorites as heads of major national institutions to have an unfettered access to their financial resources, finding all avenues in public procurement and dispensation to accumulate financial benefits. In order to perpetuate their stay in Government they have flouted the Supreme Court decisions and all standards of morality.

It’s time to think & rethink. Instead of falling prey to the deceiving & venomous political campaigns of tested politicians, it’s time to unite and take control. The power of your vote can change your destiny.

Spread the message of unity across the nation so that the tsunami of PTI votes drown all the evil in this country and give Pakistan the prosperous future it truly deserves.